Marine LED 1156/BA15S - 13 LED's - Warm White

Used for: Marine LED Indoor Lights, Marine LED Replacement Bulb

Product description:

BA15S - 1156 Bulbs have single (+) contact at the bottom and (-) contact at the base. Their pins are parallel.

Our BA15 Bayonet base LED bulbs are the same size or smaller than incandescent versions and they can fit into your existing fixtures with ease.They are designed to provide 360 degree light similar to incandescent counterparts.

These LED bulbs are designed for marine use with constant current technology (10-30VDC) and they will work with both 12VDC or 24VDC systems.

With 18 high brightness SMD5050 chips on it, this bulb consumes only 3W of energy (0.25A at 12V) and they are optimized for low energy consumption and higher brightness which allows up to 80% energy savings per bulb! Our bulbs offers minimum 50.000 hours bulb life which no other incandescent bulb can offer. You won’t have to replace these bulbs for years! 

Features & benefits:
  • High output SMD LEDs
  • Constant-current drive topology
  • Over-voltage protection
  • No radiated heat
  • Thermally efficient design
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Product code: BA15S-1303
Color: Warm White
Brand: Marine LED Shop
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Product Specifications
Number of LEDs 13
LED Type SMD 5050
Voltage 10-30V DC (onboard Constant Current IC)
Wattage 1.7W
Amperage 0.140 at 12VDC
Lumens 170
Dimensions ø:0.7" X H: 1.7" / ø:19mm X H: 34mm
Bulb Color Warm White 2700-3200K
Base Type 1142 / BA15D Double Contact Bayonet
Beam Angle Five directions 360° pattern
IP Rating IP20
Dimmable YES - with PWM Dimmer
Warranty 2 Year

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